Our Leadership Team



Martha Murphy Kane
Director of Operations
(413) 437-5757

For media questions:

Mary Carey
Communications Director
(413) 437-5808
(413) 588-4274 (cell)

To contact District Attorney David E. Sullivan, please call:

Michelle Richotte
Executive Assistant
(413) 437-5803

David E. Sullivan / District Attorney

Janice Healy / Deputy District Attorney

Steven Gagne / First Assistant District Attorney

Martha Murphy Kane / Director of Operations

Donna Dudkiewicz / Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Townsend / Chief of Appeals

Yvonne Pesce / Chief of Juvenile Justice

Rosemary Tarantino / Chief of District Court Unit

Jacqueline Gaw / Director of Victim/Witness Assistance

John Cummings / State Police Detective Unit Commanding Officer

Jeremy Bucci / Chief Trial Counsel

Linda Pisano / Chief of Child Abuse Unit

Jayme Parent / Chief of Elders and Disabilities Unit

Chris Geffin / Elder and Persons with Disabilities Unit Program Coordinator

Jennifer Suh/ Chief of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit

Mary Kociela / Director of Domestic Violence Projects

Janice Garrett / Director of Consumer Protection Division

Bruce Fieldman / IT Director

Mary Carey / Director of Communications (413)588-4274 (cell)

Laurie Loisel/Director of Community Outreach and Education

Ann Metzger / Senior Case Administrator 

Elizabeth Mulcahy / Juvenile Community Prosecutor